Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Beautiful Scar

Tracing the dance of the needle in my skin I wonder why we choose to scar ourselves.

I wonder why we fall in love, and put ourselves through avoidable hells

With emotions cast upon us like evil spells, and the needle dwells in my back

Try not to react, yet shudders break my concentration like thunder

Shudders break my concentration like you walking into the room.

Shudders break my concentration like-


And my beautiful scar resides with my heart

Reminding me that no matter the situation

No matter the heartbreak and devastation-

I am Gracious Harmony

I am one with the Universe

And all I have to do to converse with her



Hunched over the cold metal chair I-


And though I cant see him my mind sees the lines being engraved forever in my pores like ancient drawing in caves.

And though I cant see it, the flower which lives between my shoulder blades in constant bloom is one of passion-

And I know my passions are always in bloom trying to keep the balance between my mind and my heart- remembering to leave room

My teeth chatter and my focus is obstructed

A violent vibration through the core of me

Pulse palpitation while you pledge your love for me

Try not to react but shudders break my concentration like thunder

Try not to react but shudders break my concentration like-

And I remember to breath deeply into my heart chakra and-