Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Link between Sex & Death

"True Sexuality demands the destruction of the ego.

The loss of oneself in the other."-Sabina Spielrein

After a particularly intense orgasm I was thinking about how at the peek of pleasure I had the thought that I just wanted to die. Now, obviously this wasn’t a morbid thought, no sort of suicidal this is so bad I just want it all to end type of thought. There was something in me that at that moment would have been utterly content in exploding, or spontaneously combusting, as I felt I might. It reminded me of an acid trip, how at the peek you are laughing so constantly and so hard that the experience just doesn’t seem like it will ever end. Maybe you will be on acid for the rest of your life and that idea sounds so awful but only because you feel so good. It’s the same thing. Its so good, that its too good and if it doesn’t end soon you are going to die, or for god sake you better.

Then I found out in many languages and cultures the word for orgasm actually means Little Death. Go figure, I thought this was an original idea.