Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


1. Because Angels exist and they ride the Muni.
2. Because an arab retired pimp cabbie named Project X, handed me a bag of purple and a swisher today. I asked him "why retired?" he waved off a reply in his thick accent
"Bitches are crazy." word.
While I rolled the swish, he drove me to my destination and he asked what I do. I'm a host and a nanny.
"You should dance."
"Like be a stripper?"
"Ya. I know this one bitch over here in Richmond and she makes hella money, and she's ugly! You're hella cute."
I thanked him and said he's not the first person to suggest I try stripping- my grandmother being the main case here. This is a direct quote after I asked grama for a little financial help, her response:
"Well you know Anastasia, those girls dancing on stage make real good money."

The reality of this is that now even if I truly considered this career path I couldn't do it because I've talked about it with too many people.

3. Everything Erykah Badu sings speaks profound truth to me. Listening to her brings me closer to myself and the universe.

4. Because I hate when people touch a roll of toilet paper with wet fingers leaving a row of wet spots that penetrate the tissue. It grosses me out.
and I guess I need to tell these things to someone.

5. I am acknowledging Being, being in an in between. We are all in constant change. Energy is not created or destroyed it just changes. Be aware of the space between. The rests between notes, the breath you take between speaking and singing and moaning and crying. The space between relationships. Between ASKing and receiving. Moments of rest hold it all together. We'd drop dead without a breath. Space allows everything to Be.

6. Love is real. Real is love.

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  1. fuck... i love reading your shit... its reminds me of Joan Didion.