Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Skeleton poems

Written by ASK, Lorenze, Adriana, Ashley


Grey clouds sweep over the Arno

I think this paper will show communication is a comfortable illusion

Material things, like diamond rings,

My stomach is empty but my heart is full

And we never-

You leave me messages in the shape of sounds and

the end is near, we’re getting close…

I am content.

2. Surrender

I’d like to grow old with

You- are the color I see in darkness

Beautiful- thoughts twist and undulate like

Waves- and their silver shade on the shade

And- by bus or train, or even in the

Rain- washes the past, leaving me renewed

Breath, so sweet, I breathe you

Deep, blue of a sunless sea during a

Storm, clouds chase us away

When, suddenly I’m not alone

We, surrender.


The building that’s facing me is falling


Where I’m stuck


In my forehead


Is magenta colored walls.

I want to sit with you in the light of

The moon

Refracts the light I emanate.

And I’m a desperate


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