Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Anastasia Sara Kaufman

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

How to fall in love again:


Don’t fall.
Falling is inevitably followed by crashing.
-Instead, Fold into each other
--Grow out of one another

Drink Jameson and dance to reggae
 Discover you both love mint chocolate chip its-its
  dream of raising a boxer/pit puppy
Share music, and books—fall in love with his books

Smoke a spliff & watch him draw
Love the concentration and care in his eyes while he works
Fall asleep listening to sound of his pencils dance on paper

Have a naked shoulder ride to the vaulted ceiling of a rented Memphis room on a determined mosquito hunt.
Fall to the bed laughing satisfied with the promise of a buzz free nights sleep.

Feed each other fried pickles

Share ghost stories and Ethiopian food.

Get caught in the rain driving through Georgia.
Watch lightening hit the highway.

Tell each other cheesy things in redneck southern accents
“I love you like a biscuit loves butter, like Nawlins loves jazz…”

Give yourself permission.

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